We have selected, from the world of massage, what we consider to be the most beneficial and effective treatments for you. We encourage you to speak openly to your therapist about any issues you might be dealing with. This will help them to choose the best natural ingredients in combination with your chosen treatment, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your Amani experience. 

"To imagine a world without massage is like imagining a world without physical touch".

Lymphatic Drainage 

(70 mins. 80€)

The lymphatic system is an integral part of your body's immune system which helps protect you from infections and diseases. The manual lymphatic drainage stimulated by this gentle massage has profound effects. It increases the flow of the lymph and assists the body’s ability to remove toxins. It is a very relaxing and beneficial massage.

Poli Poli "Slowly Slowly"

(60 mins. 80€)

A soothing massage using carefully selected natural essential oils known for their profound effects on the body. This is an excellent choice for reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. 

Amani Signature

(90 mins. 110€)

(60 mins. 85€)

Let your body and mind escape reality and find its inner peace and balance. This deep but soothing massage, will release knots and relax tense muscles through the use of long strokes and essential oils. Our Amani Massage is customized to your individual situation of mind and body. Our therapist will ensure you receive the utmost care and attention. Inform us if you have any preferences or dislikes.

Thai Massage

(90 mins. 120€)

(120 mins. 140€)

Traditional Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is considered the king of all forms of "bodywork." It provides an absolute transformational experience. An old master once wisely stated, ‘"Thai massage is like been washed softly by a thousand waves."


Thai massage is performed on a mattress on the floor, with the recipient fully clothed. It consists of mobilization of limbs, stretching of muscles and "thumbing" (acupressure). Please wear light comfortable clothing with long pants- or we can provide you with trousers and t-shirt upon request.

Healing Footprint

(40 mins. 65€ including a foot bath)

This massage of the feet is extremely powerful in alleviating pain and discomfort, and in many cases produces immediate results. It promotes general well being and relaxation. This will leave you utterly re-energized and the body will naturally begin to heal itself. Your feet tell the story of your body, and the reflex points in your feet are the key to repairing any imbalances. 

Lomi Lomi

(60 mins. 95€)

A deep relaxing massage which has it origins in ancient Polynesian healers. It works deeply yet gently, with long, flowing movements, taking you into a state of complete relaxation. 

Kichwa "Head"

(30 mins. 50€)

The Kichwa head massage, as part of the Ayuverdic traditions, is an incredible therapy, relieving pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. It alleviates migraines, tones the scalp tissue, improves blood circulation and helps to bring clarity and peace of mind. It reduces anxiety, beautifies and reinvigorates the hair. 

Ayurvedic Massage

(60 mins. 105€)

A very special version of the ‘’abhyanga massage’’. It uses herbal oils selected for you based on your constitution. It begins with a head massage and covers the whole body with long strokes. It is a vigorous massage that will ‘’move’’ stagnated energy. It stimulates the dispersal of toxins, increases flexibility and function and recharges powerfully. It assists an emotional release and rejuvenates body and mind.

Asali "Honey"

(30 mins. 50€)

(60 mins. 90€)

Honey is one of nature's real treasures. It is a potent antioxidant, decongestant and a strong detoxifier, when applied in massage therapy. It is worked on the back and in areas with cellulite and when sticky, a ‘’pumping out’’ action gently lifts the fascia and draws out toxins. Without moving, warm towels will cleanse the skin and relax you. Almond oil with lavender will be applied after this. It is a detoxifying treatment that nourishes the skin while dissolving any trace of heaviness or fatigue.

Myofascial Release

(90 mins. 120€)

(120 mins. 150€)

A whole-body, hands on approach from the evaluation and treatment of the human body. The application of sustained pressure and movement will help to eliminate fascia restrictions and restore the body's natural balance and alignment. A must try to feel reborn. 

Thai Oil 

(70 mins. 90€)

Thai Oil Massage is a variant of Traditional Thai massage, uses firm pressure and deep rhythmic movements along meridian lines of the body.

This treatment aims to unblock, balance and restore the body’s natural flow of energy and maintain equilibrium in all organs and systems within the body. 


A perfect massage for anyone who is particularly stressed, needs invigorating or balancing, or those who just appreciate firmer pressure or something a little different to the norm!


(70 mins. 100€)

A very unique way to enjoy a full body deep tissue massage. Using heated bamboo sticks, the muscles are kneaded and rolled to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. A must try for anyone looking to feel renewed. 

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