"Photography is the beauty of life captured."

even the rain is beautiful

Rain clouds over the The Two Brother islands.

Sunset through lavender bush

Immerse yourself in the colours and scents of Amani.

View from the massage deck

float away with the serene atmosphere.


Immerse yourself in the silence that is Amani.

Twiga - Giraffe

African vibes in Greece

Evening massage at The Amani 180

Nothing quiet like a massage in the cool of the summer nights.

African Inspired Treatment Room

Our uniquely designed African treatment tent. Surround yourself with the sounds, scents and African ambiance.

Nature Surrounding Amani Spa

Relax and be surrounded by the nature and wildlife at Amani Spa.

Amani Spa By Moonlight

Sharpen your senses by indulging in our wide range of unique treatments at night.

Infrared Sauna

Continue your treatments by indulging in our infrared sauna which has numerous health benefits.

African Inspired Treatment Area

Indulge in our new unique treatment area.

View Through our "Maji" deck.

Water or Maji in Swahili is the inspiration for our cooling relax deck. Spend time relaxing in the shade after your exotic treatments. Enjoy the new you.

Amani Spa Treatment Area

Enjoy the panoramic views from our massage treatment deck, and let nature heal you.

Panoramic View

Infinite views

Treatment Area Surrounded By Nature
Be Surrounded
Nothing Else To Do But Relax
Every Detail Is Thought Of At Amani
Be Renewed
Become One With Nature
You Know You Want To Relax
Be Taken On A Journey
Pure & Organic Products
Massage With A View
Signature Amani View
Rainbow Over Amani Spa
Sunrise At Amani Spa
A Little Piece Of Africa In Greece
Can You Imagine This?
Every Detail Is Thought Of
Ultimate Relaxation